Вас вітає ПП «Ромді Україна»! З метою підвищення якості послуг з організації вантажоперевезень, ми будемо раді отримати від Вас декілька відповідей на прості запитання.

Вас приветствует ЧП «Ромди Украина»! С целью повышения качества услуг по организации грузоперевозок, мы будем рады получить от Вас несколько ответов на простые вопросы.

Welcome to PE «Romdi Ukraine!»! To improve the quality of the organization of cargo transportation, we will be happy to receive your answers for a few simple questions.

Firma prywatna «Romdi Ukraina» wita Państwo! W celu poprawy jakości usług dla organizacji transportu ładunków, będziemy mieli przyjemność , jeżeli Pan/Pani da odpowiedz na kilka prostych pytań.

Road Transport


The modern pace of life and the growth of infrastructure in cities are associated with the need to deliver quickly and regularly various types of goods all over the world. In this case private enterprise “Romdi Ukraine” will help you. Our company has been working in the field of transport services for many years. During this time we have established a coordinated system of low-cost delivery on the territory of Ukraine, the EU and the CIS.

The main activity of “Romdi Ukraine” – is transportation. We have our own trucks and also partnerships with leading Ukrainian transport companies. This reduces significantly the time of transportation.


Time of transportation

Sophisticated traffic scheme, which optimizes the route and temporary-financial costs of its implementation.

Experience staff

Extensive experience of our experts who have successfully fulfilled thousands of traffic.

Having Our Own Car Park

With the help of own vehicles we provide the customer high quality services by full and direct control over the process of transportation.


Private enterprise «Romdi Ukraine» is your reliable partner. We are an assistant for those who need high-quality and fast freight transportation.

If you visit our website, you are in need of a transport company with an excellent reputation and service. And you have found it! The company «Romdi Ukraine» is a team of professionals who will take care of delivering your goods in a short time.

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