Вас вітає ПП «Ромді Україна»! З метою підвищення якості послуг з організації вантажоперевезень, ми будемо раді отримати від Вас декілька відповідей на прості запитання.

Вас приветствует ЧП «Ромди Украина»! С целью повышения качества услуг по организации грузоперевозок, мы будем рады получить от Вас несколько ответов на простые вопросы.

Welcome to PE «Romdi Ukraine!»! To improve the quality of the organization of cargo transportation, we will be happy to receive your answers for a few simple questions.

Firma prywatna «Romdi Ukraina» wita Państwo! W celu poprawy jakości usług dla organizacji transportu ładunków, będziemy mieli przyjemność , jeżeli Pan/Pani da odpowiedz na kilka prostych pytań.



Powerful truck requires proper care and careful attitude. If you need a professional diagnosis and repair trucks, the company «Romdi Ukraine» will solve your problem qualified and as soon as possible. You will not lose your time, money and don’t disappoint the customer!

Services «Romdi Ukraine» — is an opportunity to increase service life and ensure the reliability of your truck, avoid budget expenditures on more serious and expensive repairs, reduce maintenance costs of vehicles!

Repair trucks and trailers



  • welding works of the frame restoration;
  • welding axis, give an insert, boil, sandpaper, paint;
  • restoration mechanism of the movable roof;
  • silencers restoration, replacement of corrugation.


  • arc welding machine of 250 Amps. (it welds channels and beams thickness up to 10 mm);
  • semi automatic device of 310 Amperes (it welds delicately various thin and complex nodes);
  • sandpaper, grinders, drill, various other selection of tools.


Restoration and painting of trailed and other disc:

  • welding cracks;
  • do grinding;
  • мhigh quality painting of disc.


Mechanical work:

  • repairing and restoration all types of locking hubs;
  • repair of an axis and expose of coaxiality;
  • turning works of any complexity;
  • replacement of brake pads and linings, bearings, cams;
  • repair of a floor with the use of plywood, new boards and metal plates;
  • restoration of the side struts.

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